Lorena Desdentado

MsC PhD student


Lorena Desdentado graduated in Psychology from University of Valencia in 2016, with an Extraordinary Award and an acknowledgement for academic excellence from the Generalitat Valenciana. Afterwards, she completed a Masters in Clinical Neuropsychology from Instituto Superior de Estudios Psicológicos (2017) and a Masters in General Health Psychology from the University of Valencia (2019), the latter with an Extraordinary Award. She is currently finishing her PhD studies at the Labpsitec-Valencia research group under the supervision of Dr. Rosa Mª Baños, Dr. Marta Miragall, and Dr. Roberto Llorens, while also completing a Masters in Methodology in Behavioural and Health Sciences at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Her research interests are focused on the study of emotional and cognitive processes related to embodiment and interoception, the study of body image in chronic pain, and the use of virtual reality as a tool for psychological assessment and intervention.